Monday, June 1, 2009

Long Weekend

Well, my weekend started on Friday. Woke up to Mrs. Yap call, she was already near to NUS, so I brought her around NUS and had lunch with Timothy. We had lunch in BTC, very nice Jap food. Then we went to Takashimaya, before heading to her brother's house. Dinner was Laksa in her brother's house. Very nice.

Then Saturday, went out to meet mum in Suntec City. Sad, coz it was weekend, and porridge buffet wasn't cheap. Anyway, bought some groceries from cold storage, and a little bluetooth handsfree that is so convenient.

Worship practice was special today, it was JonC's birthday, and a few other celebration. Carol brought some really nice baking from her oven. My, she bakes very delicious.... uhm.... Scottish porridge. I've not idea why they call that porridge, it looks more like those muesli bars, except less crunchy, yet still chewy and nice, and sweet :) I had 2. I think, maybe 2 and a half. Oh, and there was fudge too, and I had 2 of that also.

After church, Simon took a very long time to decide to go out for lunch, Kai Ling was very hungry, and we had lunch at almost 3. It lasted thill 5, so I think it should be called Lunner, or Dinch, or something in between. Anyway, Jerome suggested Lunner, so lunner it is.

By the time we finished dessert, it was already 6 plus. I skipped dessert this time, because it was potentially going to be more expensive than the lunch I had, which was quite an authentic version of a Thai Tom Yam steamboat. I still think the Thai food in the expo back in Seremban last time was much nicer, but then again, you don't get those things all the time, do you.

So here's the steamboat, enough for one hungry person, but quite enough for 2 regular person, especially since it's so spicy, you tend to take a long time to eat. The fish were fresh, so were the prawns, very fresh.

We did finish it eventually, Lydia and I, long after everyone else has finished theirs. Not because we took a long time to eat, but because we had to wait for it to be cooked. :) This was how it looked like after we were done...

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