Sunday, September 7, 2008

I Believe You by Low Kay Hua

Hmm.. There's still some ppl out there asking me for an online version of this book. Don't really wanna put the link on my blog, but...

The story is quite cheesy, typical singaporean drama type... Don't think it's worth buying the book proper, considering that you get this kind of cliché stories on channel 8 and mobile tv all the time.

But still, it's kinda touching, to see them come together... hahaha...

So here you go, the PDF version of this book (The FULL version, mind you), but password protected. You'll need adobe reader 7 or later (or compatible) to open this file. Look for the password in this blog. :-)

rNxk3I5mHWW8RxcMNip0p7Gn6n858WT.pdf (The filename was INTENTIONALLY scrambled up to evade search engines :-)

Please leave your comments if you like the story. You're free to discuss your feelings about the story here.

You'll just need an openID (livejournal, wordpress, anything will do) to comment.


Anonymous said...

Here's the password


heartangle_96 said...

what's the password?? @.@ pls tell me:(

Rachel said...

Do you hv any other ebooks? :/