Sunday, October 12, 2008

Post deleted

I realised that since I have no way to express myself without hurting anyone, I just won't.

But what can one do when one is so down, sad, and low, and no one wants to spend time to listen? Isn't blogging the only way out?

Still, thanks everyone for understanding...

Feel a certain joy now, even though the dark and gloomy rain clouds are still hanging, I guess they are there for a purpose, and will be there to stay for as long as I need them.

A friend told me to thank God for trying times, because it is only when God sees you fit enough for the test that he allows you to be tested.

I wish I had taken it with greater faith, and not hurt so many people in the process.

I hope you forgive me, I hope He forgives me, which makes today's sermon on the unforgiving servant so much more timely...

To understand forgiveness is one thing, to experience the need for forgiveness, another

p.s.: To all of you who read my previous (short-lived) entry, especially if you inevitably interpreted it with respect to yourself, I'm very sorry for my misconduct, and gross generalisation. I was just bitter at God, and took grudge against Him for some personal issues. I hope you are kind enough to forgive me, at least, for your own and for God's sake, for I'm not worthy to ask this of you.

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