Saturday, September 12, 2009

Raffles Hotel a.k.a. Renovated Blocks

I was so excited coming back from COMEX, having bought a new external firewire HD, with firewire and all... When I reached my room, I found my roomie on my laptop! He was surfing you tube, and wait, something's very different... His side of the room was now EMPTY!

Ok, so it turns out he was looking for the a youtube video that goes auf wiedersehen... goodbye... to greet me when I arrive back in my room. ARGH!!! depressed xia! he's all moved out and settled down in the new room while I'm still stuck with a whole room of mess taunting me, waiting for me to move. Anyway, he didn't manage to find the video, so there... I caught him while he was looking for it.

Anyway, I decided that I'm going to move bit by bit. Yup, just like your serial connection in EE2007, you move data out bit by bit, complete with handshaking, parity, error checking and all... Anyway, most of the crucial stuff have been moved to my new room, (i.e. my printer, notes, calculator, computer fridge, and everything I need to study. So I'll just study, until I'm tired of studying, then start moving some stuff again...

Cleaning the room is another story. The whole room was dusty with all the construction dust, made my whole pail of water like teh-tarik... But it's rather nice and cooling after moping the floor 5 times. We have new window panes too! They have a very mild, slightly off green tint, but transparent for most purpose. Somehow I feel that they are much cooler than the black ones we used to have, maybe because black absorbs heat. I was wondering whether it is those heat reflecting glass, which lets visible light in, but reflects the infra-red spectrum which heats up the room...hmm... but Tirza pointed out that those would be too expensive to be possibly used in RH... hmm, one never knows, since this whole renovation which seems very minor, already cost a few millions...

Tables are much longer too! nice color, and a lot more plug points than last time.

Lighting have changed, the color is not kinda daylight, but not warm white, which is yellow, hot, and dull. Well, at first, I thought I would prefer cool white, or cool daylight, but this one seems to be perfect, much more natural, and closer in temperature to natural light. It doesn't blink when coming on too, and turns on almost instantaneously when you turn on the switch... must be some kind of new energy saving light.

Ooo, and since I'm taking the end of the split, I get the whole end of the corridor to decorate and keep my stuff. Actually, each split level now has a door, making it quite exclusive/secluded/private, whatever have you. Would think of something to do with that extra space some time later...

Still, there are some hiccups. Some rooms still don't have internet access. Water is still muddy in some blocks. As of now, only 1 block have a proper water dispenser (by proper, I mean with attached filter). But the continuous email updates from our beloved Siew Teng is always ready to comfort the disheartened, and offer a pinch of humor when all else fails. Alas, I'm only 50% done in my shifting... :-(

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