Monday, May 10, 2010

EE3208 Speaker Design

I was stuck designing my circuit for the speaker for almost the past day or so. I wanted to simulate it with SPICE, so I used the free LTspice to simulate it.

Finding the SPICE model for the LM386 power amp wasn't hard, but wiring it up to work took me almost a day.

Later, I found my mistake.

Anyway, I needed to output 8kHz, 8bit, Mono Audio using the DAC0832. I know it's rather primitive, but this is the requirements of that project.

I read again and again through the DAC0832 user manual, but I just can't seem to understand what it's trying to say. Should I feedback, or should I not feedback. This is so confusing.

At the end, I decided to do a simple circuit, using a resistor to ground to convert the current out from the DAC0832 into a voltage, varying the resistor to get the desired output volume.

What a project.

Here's the LTspice schematic and the LM386 model. You'll have to put the model into C:\Program Files\LTC\LTspiceIV\lib\sym\Opamps to use it as a component.
Haha, enjoy!

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