Thursday, September 15, 2011

1 month into my first job

It's a month into my first job as an IT Analyst. Gosh.. That title sounds so chim, I don't even know how does "analyst" fit into what I am doing so far. Haven't been "analyzing" anything. That -- at least I'm sure of.

Anyway, today is the most exciting day so far as my job scope and responsibility is starting to materialize and become clearer to me. Suddenly, I see more and more of what is expected of me, and where I can actually contribute.

First, there was a meeting called by the project manager to clear up on the technical stuff for a project I'm in charge of, which I am taking over from a colleague who's leaving. Then, I went to 2 datacenters to install a server each. Gosh, the way servers are designed and all, makes it so efficient and convenient for us administrators. Little features and gadgets here and there which one wouldn't realize are a necessity until one has seen and used it. It's almost like Apple products... But enterprise class!

Just a picture of the server I installed. Didn't get to take a photo of it mounted and running in the datacenter however, as no cameras are allowed there.

Btw, datacenters are horribly noisy and cold places. Even want to talk also must shout. Not a place anyone would like to be. The moment a server is installed and set up to the bare minimum, which typically takes less than an hour, we normally then proceed to our comfy cubicles (with a mug of hot coffee, of course... Maybe I'll post a pic of my cubicle In some future post more related to that) and remotely do the rest of the installing and monitoring from there. Ever seen one of those remote controlled toy cars that's has a camera attached to it to show you where you're going on the remote itself? Well, this is somewhat like a grown up version of it. With almost everything (except the physical location of the server itself, of course) able to be controlled from anywhere in the world, servers are very expensive toys indeed. :-)


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