Friday, November 28, 2008

3 Core Finals in 3 Days

So it's over, the last of my core module final exams, running consecutively since wednesday.

EE2011, EE2004, then EE2005.

I must say today was the best day, I actually felt good about myself. Though I answered only slightly more than 50% of the total number of questions, I was quite satisfied, because at least I am sure I have got the required knowledge of the module, and can concentrate on the advanced aspect later during the holidays, shouldn't be too difficult

EE2011 was a pain, the first question was so...gah... I think the lecturer likes coaxial cables, the question looked like something slightly complex yet easily solvable, but after a few unsuccessful attempts, I decided to move on. The question was somehow twisted in a way that, erm, is so twisted. No hope there. I think I answered about 50% of the questions in that paper though.

EE2004 was the worse, I only managed about 40% of the total marks, so I guess that will be somewhere near a C.

Ah, I guess I will have to take this as a lesson for future semesters, to keep up with lectures and tutorials, and constantly feel the stress and study throughout the semester.

And not get involved in exhausting emotional journeys that totally make studying impossible. But then again, is that a matter of choice?

Ah, it's also in this very "exciting" and mortally stressful time that I come to realise how blessed I am to have good friends being so concerned. I underestimated my friends, felt so sorry...

I miss home, I need to de-stress... 3 core modules back to back can really stress me out...

But I thank God for how I fare in the exam all the same.

Looking forward to Marketing and GEM next week!

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