Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Study week begins

Just discovered Mc Donald's is the best place to study between 12am to 4am. Just don't forget to bring along a jacket.

Fries are a nice plus, especially if you ask then not to put salt, and ask for BBQ sauce or the like.

Ok, enough about food, studies is starting, although it's not quite going as fast as I expect it to be, and it's really too slow for comfort, at least it's moving.

There sre so many things up my list of to-dos, I can't really do them until exams is over, but just to get it off my mind...

• Install Stationery Pack 2.0
• Create a BD video for Alex, SY, and EH (yup, sorry Alex, but that will have to wait, meanwhile, entertain yourself with the pictures that you helped put the caption for)
• Similar to the above, learn Motion 3 and Final Cut to make the long awaited video...
• Continue working on my MacSplit program.
• Deploy Windows Server 2008 for Compcomm
• Dissect Forum Manager phpBB2
• Try out Small Basic programming from Microsoft

Wow, looks like a whole fat list! Not sure if I can get it done before I go back to Malaysia...

Meanwhile, to all the NUS students... JIAYOU!!!

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