Sunday, June 29, 2008

101% Happy!

A very interesting title indeed. I actually got the idea from Mable's MSN nickname. Well, here's a recount of my nice Saturday.

First, Gail had bubble tea, and I got over enthu about collecting straws for float that I "pinched" at least 4 green bubble tea straws and hid it in my pocket. Hehehe...

Then at night I talked to Mable (Gail's sister), and I just don't know why she was hyper, super happy. And she kept laughing and making me laugh... I have never met her in person before, and I know very well that online chatting, however much you talked about, will tell you nothing about that person.

However, this online persona of hers, was very pleasent, and direct. By direct, I mean that I somehow feel that she just blurts out her feelings. If she is happy, she says she's happy, and if she feels she don't like what you said, she just blurt out that she doesn't like you. The next moment, you said something kind, she'll just say she likes you for saying that...

I can actually learn so much just by her directness, in my blogging, my talking and explaining myself. I learn to be so much more honest to myself, to God, and in my desire to be a better Christian. My later personal blogs has seen such a huge improvement in terms honesty and clarity. I narrate, describe, and articulate in such a detailed way my feelings, shame, struggles, and ask God for help.

I'm more than 101% happy enjoying the chat with her. In fact I also have a greater joy that I have learn yet another simple lesson in life.

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