Monday, June 2, 2008

Trip to JB, It's Complicated™ in Sinagpore

Had to pass some books to my dad who is coming down to JB, so I made the trip up to meet him. Went a day earlier and took advantage of the hospitality of my Aunt.

Well, she's finally back from Canada, so we had home cooked meals. Hooray!

Put up the night there, watching Slam Dunk with my cousin until 4am. It is no wonder I woke up at 10 am the next morning...

We initially wanted to photocopy the books, but none of the shops can do it in time for my dad to catch the bus back, so he had to bring the books back. It's all right, since I can extend the loan up to 6 weeks. Ah, the advantages of being a student at NUS.

Dad took me for lunch, which was chicken rice. And briefed my more about the routes around JB, as my map of JB is patchy, at best... Now I can safely and confidently bring my friends down to JB and show them around, or go look for GOOD food!

I'm still learning, hopefully I will get to drive more often in JB, and learn more about the road system there.

Interesting thing that happened was that we played badminton together today. Chao Yian, Zhi Jun, Dennis, JJ, and Jasvind. Was a great evening. Initially, I wanted to walk to West Coast Park to kill my boredom, and spend some time alone. Maybe I'll do it later...

Tirza's Status message was encouraging: "Happiness is to know the Saviour!" Guess I should be happy in all circumstances!

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