Sunday, July 6, 2008

2 Cups of Coffee

Two cups of coffee can wreck quite a havoc to one's sleep pattern, especially if one has been abstaining from coffee for almost 2 years...

This is what I realised early this morning.

Saturday was such an enjoyable day. Simon brought us out to Outram to try a famous nasi lemak, but unfortunately that stall was closed as it was a Saturday. We had very nice fish soup, and lunch was paid for, which was such a delight. Simon then went on to advertise the coffee in a stall called "Rafee House". So I had my first cup of coffee then.

Later, Uncle Ivan treated us to dinner at Holland V's XO fish mee hoon. I do not know what got into me, I decided to order another cup of coffee. Maybe it was the stress, but there was my second cup of coffee, together with free dinner. Oh, and the XO mee hoon was very nice, very strong alcohol taste too. I drank at least 2 bowls full, just because I thought it would help relax the mind...

Indeed a wonderful day, free breakfast cum lunch, and free dinner, I decided to bring my total expenses of that day even lower by opting to walk back to RH from Holland V. Saving 89¢ gave a very nice feeling, but the walk back was even nicer!

Well, it is no wonder I was still alert and wide awake at 4am. Somehow, the headache and all the tiredness of the body brought me to sleep by 4:20 or so. I woke up at 8am today, no alarm clock, just an sms. In fact, now at 1pm, I'm on the bus back, I'm still wide awake and totally alert, in full anticipation of my friend's 21st birthday celebration tonight, which is also the main reason I am going back to Seremban all of a sudden, without any planning.

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