Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Settled down...

It really was a long break from blogging. I went to Penang with Gideon, Wing Mei, and Serene. the 4 of us, made a good number, especially when it comes to taking cab.

Well, I must say we really had a fun time, went to Batu Ferringhi Beach, had lots and lots of food, Durians, and Cendol. It was actually quite romantic too, for the two of them (Gideon and Wing Mei). Along the way, we started a new fad, whenever you need some private time, just say "We need to go out and buy something."

The whole Penang trip was wonderfully wrapped up with a Charcoal fire, used mainly to roast Marshmellows (Wing Mei's eye's brightens here) and to set the...ahem...atmosphere.

There was a guitar, wanted Boss to sing for his girl, but unfortunately someone was too shy. It so happened I played and sang "La Bamba", and Daniel pulled both girls out to dance, after long hesitation, Boss followed suit. What entails was almost 2 hours of fast, catchy songs that the four of them danced to. I did try my hand at dancing (actually it was less tha. 30 seconds, Serene was forfeited, and I thought she'd be too shy to dance alone).

Back at Raffles, I got the key to my new room! Slept one night in ChaoYian's (empty) room, since it was a Sunday, and the office is closed. The whole Monday was spent cleaning up my new room, and moving my stuff over. It took more than 10 trips, 3 or 4 or which Jerome was helping me. But I finished and wrapped up at 2am.

The Result? A nice cosy room, which much more real estate than my previous double room! Ahhh, I shall really enjoy this room!

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