Friday, July 11, 2008

Traumatising Thursday

I know it's a weird title, but ignore it for the moment, as the day part of my Thursday was quite interesting after all.

I went back to Seremban last Sunday, and stayed till yesterday, for my friend's birthday celebration. We had a nice dinner, and a nice cake for him, celebration was fun as usual, and we had photo session almost the same as we did for mine.

The cake was good, much better than any other I have tasted from Secret Recipe. Guess where it's from? Yup, you got it, Secret Recipe!

Dinner was awesome too, we called so many dishes, I have to actually have a phase 2 to clean up all the food that weren't finish on the table. It was one of those days where I ate a lot, a whole lot. I have phase 3 and phase 4 was primarily birthday cake, yup, I ate almost a quarter of the cake, since all of them were too stuffed to stuff in anymore.

Ok, so fast forward to Thursday morning, since the other days were just nothingness, idle times spent at home thinking, and maybe a little housework and studying in between. I woke up early on Thursday, 6:30 am, to leave for Subang Jaya to meet up with Jerome. Well, my bus will be leaving for Singapore in the afternoon, so i decided to visit him, then shoot straight back to Seremban bus station to catch the bus back.

Well, we played a really interesting game called "Blokus", where each color has to place a tile which has to touch the corner of a tile of the same color. Tiles come in different shapes and size, and of different area. Each player takes a color, and start from their respective corners, all attempting to explore unconquered land, the person who lays the most area of tiles wins. But there is one catch, a tile cannot have it's edges align parallel to each other, only the corners must touch, but not the edges.

Well, this is the result of our play, I was Yellow and Red, while Jerome was Green and Blue. As you can see, both of us emphasised the Green and Red to win, while the Yellow and Blue were used mainly to cripple the other party. Anyway, I still won on both scores, wondering if Jerome wasn't really paying attention, since it's my first time, and deciding to take it easy with me. :-)

Well, Jerome had a giraffe, it has magnets in all four ends of its limbs, and one at the bottom of its belly. As you can see, you can put it into many interesting position, shy, climbing, hugging, etc.

Reached Beach road 10 minutes past 10. It was really quite a rowdy area, especially at night, things can be quite, erm... scary. I was so thankful that I came here not long ago with Gail for OMC collection. Boy, OMC really helped me a lot as far as navigating in Singapore is concerned. I knew exactly which direction to walk to, and where the bus stop is for bus 197 to get me right next to NUS. Plus point? I saved a lot on transport.

On the way back to RH, from SRC, I saw beautiful lights set up for the commencement day! It was just so elegant!!! Blue with gold sparkles (read that as tungsten yellow), but it is just, classy... see for yourself!

Reached my room, not knowing what nightmare shall ensue. My bed was infested by bed bugs! I mean, I have seen 1 or 2 before, but this is like practically crawling over the bed!!! (I shall not put any pictures here, or everyone will be running away from RH, or room 5-101) Oh, spend the next 2 hours cleaning up, and making sure my clothes and other cloth materials will not get infected. It is not until 2 before i was satisfied that the bed bugs were safely quarantined to the matress, and I shall report it to Siew Teng later on. I couldn't possibly sleep in my own room, so I had no choice but to bunk up in Thierry's room. Poor guy, don't know where is he going to sleep...

What a bad ending to such a nice day :-(


Anonymous said...

Bedbugs! Hmm, what an unfitting end to the day. Hope you'll enjoy a bedbug-free night soon. :)

Gail said...

Jerome!!! You're actually still reading blogs... BLOG BLOG BLOG yourself too!